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A lot of my litters are sold before I can advertise them. It is always worth checking with me to see if I have any kittens available. You can see if I have any in the “Current Litters” tab.

      All kittens are now reserved

I have another litter due May
Dad-Duke (Seal Piont) Mum - Nikita(Choc Point)

Pictures in "Current Kittens" of reserved litter

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Siamese Kittens
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Seal Point, Chocolate Point, Blue Point, Chocolate Tabby, Seal Tabby, Blue Tabby.
Feel free to e-mail me with any questions or comments. I will always respond.
Please call me for kitten availability or for any advice or just to talk siamese.
My kittens are genuinely hand reared!
My kittens live with me in my house and are my pets until they leave to live with their new families. They are well socialised and are used to teenage children, washing machines, TV, music and visitors. I name them but of course you can re-name them or we can start calling them by your chosen name.
GCCF Active
GCCF Registered
Active means you have the same privilages as "Regeistered" but you can also breed and register the kittens with the GCCF. I only sell on the "Active" to breeders with a prefix and who have a proven track record.
As a pet this means your kitten comes with no papers. This is still a pedigree and will make a lovely pet. All my kittens and cats are GCCF registered.
Registered means your kitten will have official paper work issued by the GCCF. You will be able to show your kitten/cat in official shows for the breed. You will have a blood line family tree proving the pedigree.
You guessed it! Milo is not a Siamese. However he is  half Siamese and half something else? I acquired Milo because I can't say no. He now lives outside and shows little desire to come in the house. He looks after pest control keeping the vermin down around the cat quarters and in the field around the horse shelters. He often follows my other half over the fields. Considering his feral life style he is incredibly  affectionate and always comes running to see us when we are in the garden. He does not tolerate strangers so do not expect to see him.....but he knows you are there!
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